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We're a small studio that takes pride in good design, adherence to standards, and creating the best possible user experience. We don't just make websites – we will make you the perfect website!

about us

What is binaryd (bye-nair-eed), exactly?

Our name comes from a few places. In computing, the base number system that all computers use to represent data is the binary numeral system. As the classic joke goes: “There are 10 types of people in the world… those who understand binary and those who don’t.”

A binary star system is one with two stars that orbit around each other. Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is a binary star system.

We created binaryd as a web design company to fill the needs of local businesses by being economical, adaptable, and dedicated to deliver the highest quality possible.

Lindsey — artist


Year first website created


First version of Adobe Photoshop used


Largest number of miles traveled from home

Hard work and Lindsey go hand in hand. Every detail must meet her demanding attention to detail before it gets a passing grade – beneficial when she’s making the design for a site. Immediately after leaving the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Computer Science she threw herself into the field of design. She has worked as a successful freelancer and also interned at Printroom and the Redlands Institute where she’s now an Applications Programmer. As Lead Designer she lends her meticulous eye to delivering the best user experience possible both in terms of appearance and usability.

Stephen — programmer


Average linecount for a web application


Age when first learned to program


Number of lifetime photos taken by 2009

Stephen is the type of person who enjoys the finer aspects of design and development. He’ll stand at a white board for hours on end delightedly drawing charts and mockups until everything is planned just how it should be – a practice he learned early on and served him well as a budding Computer Science student. While studying at the University of Redlands, he began an internship at the Redlands Institute and now works there as Programmer/Analyst II. As Lead Developer for binaryd, Stephen is the chief of all things technical from web standards compliance to ASP.Net and PHP development.

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